Mikes Marketing Service

I decided to build a site which gives an example of the Marketing services I offer. If you want to market your business locally or nationally I can help you with my unique product which has spent over 5 years in the making and offers 48,000 area coverage in the UK or 190,000 area coverage in the US.

This product has been developped to help customers get global coverage with over 3,100,000 areas targetted for local, national and international businesses who want t appear local even when they are offering a national service.

…the best local marketing service:

A lot of companies have external engineers offering a service to customers in their own homes covering huge areas of the country but appearing local on the internet. British Gas or BT Openreach are great examples of companies who could benefit from this type of service.

If you need a national website but you want every single page in every single area to apear local, and you really dont want the costs of running a server that has hundreds of thousands of pages on, then my product is the perfect product for you.

Each of the pages above contain industry websites which contain 48,000 pages covering every single small town, major city and village in the UK. If you want a local site with national coverage, then get in touch.